Refund & Cancellation Policy

Election Management System is an App, which is provided by ATTPL Group. Its aim is to make your electoral management seamless and efficient. Therefore, we advise you to go through our Refund & Cancellation Policy before using our services. Cancellation Policy: 1.1. Subscription Cancelation – Users are free to cancel their subscription of Election Management System App at any given time. – To cancel a subscription one has to open the application and navigate to its settings where one can do it. – In case of cancellation, you will retain access for the remainder of the period paid for. 1.2. Service Cancellations – If ATTPL Group cancels services due to technical challenges or otherwise users will be informed immediately. – For the duration in which such servicing does not work, users are exempted from payments. Refund Policy: 2.1. Subscriptions Refunds – Dissatisfied users may request refunds on their subscriptions made within 30 days from purchase date. – Refund requests must be submitted through app’s customer support system or personally contacting ATTPL Group. – Typically, a refund takes about 7 – 10 working days period before it is processed. 2.2. Refunds for Services : – Reimbursement for services provided will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The user must provide a sound justification for the cost of services.

ATTPL Group reserves the right to refuse a refund if the services have been used properly or if the reasons given are considered inadequate.

Terms of Use:

For any questions or assistance regarding the refund and cancellation process or the Election Management Application, users may contact us at: Email:

Phone: +919828352121

System Analysis:

ATTPL Group reserves the right to amend this refund and cancellation policy at any time without prior notice. Users will be notified of changes to the schedule through the app or by email. By using the Election Management System Application provided by ATTPL Group, users agree to abide by the terms and conditions described in this Refund and Cancellation Policy on.